Monday March 23, 2020

Planning is key to dealing with troubled times

An old proverb aptly says, “We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” The earth as we know it seems to have changed in recent weeks, and what we do to take care of our children and each other will define us all.

The plans being implemented across the state prove that the Oklahoma Standard is alive and well in our citizens. On a local level, the students in Oklahoma City Public Schools are top of mind for OKCPS leaders, staff and the community. Ensuring they and their families have what they need is paramount.

Superintendent Sean McDaniel and his team have mobilized to address many critical issues, including staff reporting and pay for a team of nearly 5,000, as well as a plan to provide breakfast and lunch for students. They have acted quickly and decisively and they have communicated often and well.

Defining, understanding and responding to additional needs will be ongoing. In the short term, OKCPS and The Foundation have created and are monitoring a Google form that allows community partners to share their specific offers of support. We will use this information to match with needs of our families. The form can be found here:

We ask our community partners to fill out the form and share with others who are interested in helping.

If schools and businesses remain closed for a long period of time, the economic ramifications for families could be devastating. We must plan now for ways we can support our kids and we must be thinking innovatively for continuing their education while providing for basic needs.

We must also have faith that this too shall pass and we will all be fine. Difficult times really do define us, so let’s continue to have it bring out the best in us all. This world we’re borrowing from our children is a good one, but let’s leave it even better than the way we found it.

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