Monday January 13, 2020

Mary Mélon: Good results seen from OKCPS commitments

Welcome to the New Year, new decade and continued promise for Oklahoma City Public Schools.

A promise is, by definition, the commitment to do (or not do) something. While it is true that there are many challenges remaining to reach the goal of providing our students with the world-class educational system they deserve, it is very important to acknowledge the many positive things happening within OKCPS.

It is also critically important to commit (promise) to remaining vigilant in support of the efforts and time needed to obtain the outcomes we all want for our kids.

Oklahoma City Public Schools has undertaken monumental changes in the past year.

Realigning resources to provide all students with equitable services is a huge and complex order of work. Initial results from these changes will be communicated in detail in the near future and will happen regularly going forward.

Anecdotal reports from principals benefiting from having an assistant principal for the first time, and of full-time counselors and school nurses at nearly every school site, show that this work is worth the effort.

The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools has a promise also. We promise to continue our strategic, focused efforts that provide significant impact for Oklahoma City Public Schools in a variety of ways.

Our key focus areas allow us to connect our community with our schools by supporting teachers, leaders, students and classrooms.

We build and grow partnerships and support teacher and leader professional development through Donors Choose, Partners in Action, English Language Learning programs like the Bilingual Teacher Pipeline Program, as well as the Diversity Pipeline Program and Urban Teacher Preparation Academy. We also advocate for a changing narrative about OKCPS through local and statewide communication efforts.

All of our efforts have clear and measurable goals with outcomes that are tracked on an ongoing basis. These metrics are shared in this column and through a variety of formats. Please watch for them and respond with your time, talent and treasure.

The work happening at OKCPS and at the Foundation isn’t easy, but our promise to it is real. And, the belief in our ability to succeed, with the help of our partners, is deep.

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