Teacher Pipeline Program Application

Step 1:

Fill out Interest Form

Step 2:

Complete the Teacher Pipeline Programs Application and MOU and submit to mia@okckids.com

Step 3:

Starting with the Summer 2024 application cycle all applications will need to include two recommendation letters. One letter will be from the applicant’s school principal and the second letter will be from the applicant’s lead teacher. Both letters will be requested by the OKCPS Foundation Pipeline Programs Manager. Prospective applicants will not need to request those letters.
Application Deadlines:

Spring Semester: September 15th

Summer Semester: February 15th

Fall Semester: May 15th


When should I apply to the Teacher Pipeline Programs?
How long can I anticipate being in the program?
Do I get to pick the college I want to attend?
How many classes do I have to take every semester?
Do I need to turn in official transcripts with my application?
How long does it take to complete the application process?
How would I be notified if I got into the pipeline program
Do I have to submit my FAFSA every year?
What if I am not eligible to submit my FAFSA? Can I still apply to the Pipeline?
What kind of support would I have available?
What are the benefits of being in the Teacher Pipeline Program?
Do I have to take in-person classes or can I take courses online?
If I need to take an in-person class that is only offered during the day, how will that work with my job if that class is held during work hours?

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