Aspiring Administrators Pipeline

Bilingual/Diversity Aspiring Administrators Pipeline Program

As a way to complete the pipeline we’ve added the Bilingual/Diversity Aspiring Administrators Pipeline Program. Oklahoma City Public Schools is a majority minority school district, but our teachers and leaders are predominantly white. In fact, out of 145 principals and assistant principals, only 49 are people of color and just ten of those are bilingual.

The Bilingual/Diversity Aspiring Administrators Pipeline Program is designed to provide funding and support for bilingual and BIPOC teachers in OKCPS to complete their Masters in Educational Leadership as a pathway to become leaders in Oklahoma City Public Schools.
There are significant amounts of data proving that student outcomes improve with exposure to teachers and leaders in the school building who look like them. From academics to role modeling – this is a really good thing for kids.

In addition, growing our own leaders is a very beneficial retention tool for our school district and provides a professional development pathway for strong teachers to grow their careers.

Principals are key levers for school improvement and school districts who have developed pipelines for leaders have had a great deal of success across the country. OKCPS has never had a program of this kind specifically focused on developing bilingual and diverse leaders.

Our higher education partner University of Central Oklahoma provides the instructional requirements for the MA in Educational Leadership that our participants earn. The program is developed as a cohort model which takes 16 months to complete. We’ve worked closely with OKCPS leadership on developing the eligibility requirements and they are involved in recruitment and selection of the participants.

If you are interested in learning more about the Bilingual/Diversity Aspiring Administrators Pipeline Program, please email Mia Rojo at

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