Monday November 30, 2020

On Giving Tuesday, consider all the children

It’s the week of Giving Tuesday and there is certain to be an abundance of requests for support. As we mark the end of what one of the most challenging years in recent history, there will likely be more requests than ever before. Citizens are suffering. Nonprofits are suffering. Children are suffering. There are a plethora of great services and amazing causes.

There is a story of the Masai tribe in Africa. Whenever one Masai greets another they ask a question, “Kasserian Ingera?” This is not “How are you?” or “How’s it going?” but instead it means, “How are the children?” It’s wonderfully revealing about the values of the Masai society.

Their first concern is for the next generation.

The hoped for reply is meaningful as well. It is, “ALL the children are well.” Not my children. Not some of the children. The best and hoped for reply is ALL the children are well. The Masai know that their society cannot be well unless all the children are well.

The question the Masai ask each other is revealing not just of their society — but of ours.

Whatever metrics we set for ourselves — and whatever achievements we boast of — the question that goes to the heart of the health of our society should be the same. How are the children?

The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools is launching an individual donor campaign called Friends of the Foundation. The purpose is to create sustainable monthly income for programs which all support the children of Oklahoma City Public Schools.

Any size donation is appreciated and together create a huge impact to ensure that ALL of our children are well. To learn more, please visit

Read Foundation President and CEO Mary Mélon’s original Oklahoman editorial.

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