Wednesday March 28, 2018


OKLAHOMA CITY — A huge sigh of relief came Wednesday with a major donation was made to a teacher crowd funding site. is a crowdfunding site built specifically for public school teachers. Tuesday night, in one fell swoop, every single classroom project in Oklahoma City Public Schools was funded. In fact, every single classroom project request across the U.S. was funded.

Ripple, a San Francisco-based technology company, donated $29 million to — which funded 35,647 projects, reaching 1 in 6 public schools and over a million students nationwide. In Oklahoma City Public Schools alone the donation funded 221 projects, from 196 teachers and totaled $199,830.

“To have someone come from the outside and help all of our teachers in one big fell swoop, just gives validation to all of the hard work that all of our teachers are doing,” said Mary Melon, president of the Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools.

Melon says the Foundation for OKCPS started into a partnership with in November 2014. Since that time, the impact for Oklahoma City Public Schools teachers has $2.6 million.

The donation from Ripple adds an additional $200 thousand.

“This news is wonderful to celebrate, but we can’t forget about that underlying issue,” Melon said.

She encouraged everyone who has been reading or watching the fight for educational funding play out at the Oklahoma State Capitol to contact their legislators immediately.

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