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OKCPS Foundation inducts four to 2022 Wall of Fame 

Distinguished Oklahoma City Public Schools alumni honored Monday

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OKLAHOMA CITY (October 17, 2022) – On Monday, the Oklahoma City Public Schools Foundation inducted four new members into their Wall of Fame at the 38th annual Wall of Fame Humanitarian Awards reception. This year’s class includes three traditional honorees, and one designated as the Unsung Hero honoree. The 2022 honorees join 96 fellow Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) alumni who have been inducted since the creation of the Wall of Fame in 1985.

The OKCPS Foundation’s Wall of Fame highlights influential leaders in various fields across the nation to celebrate the rich history and accomplishments of the OKC public school system.The four newly inducted alumni include: 

Dr. Karl Hansen graduated from Northwest Classen High School and currently serves as a professor and James A. Merrill Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. Having developed a robust Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility program, Dr. Hansen’s research efforts have focused on women’s reproductive aging process and on improving outcomes for couples with unexplained infertility. Nurtured by a loving mother who taught math in the Putnam City school system, Dr. Hansen’s love for education developed early and now, as a nationally recognized researcher, teacher and lecturer, he continues to invest in the next generation of physicians.        

Dr. Kathryn Jeffery is a graduate of Douglass High School and she currently serves as the Superintendent/President of Santa Monica Community College District (SMCCD). Dr. Jeffery’s four decades of diverse higher education experience has spanned leadership roles in Oklahoma, California, Minnesota, Nevada, and Texas where she is highly regarded for her equity-driven approach to educational leadership, student services, and Career Technical Education (CTE). Informed by her professional and personal experiences, Dr. Jeffery is known as a compassionate, student-centered leader who has championed issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion throughout her extensive higher education career, encompassing efforts to broaden support for basic needs of college students including food, housing, and physical/mental wellness and wellbeing services.

Gerald McCoy is a graduate of Southeast High School. As a result of his extraordinary performance on the Southeast Spartans football team, he was named a five-star recruit and was approached by nearly every major school in the country before committing to the Sooners. He attended the University of Oklahoma and was a defensive tackle on the football team under Coach Bob Stoops from 2006-2009. After a wildly successful college career as a two-time team captain and starting in all 40 games during his career, he was one of the top prospects in the 2010 NFL Draft, ultimately becoming the 3rd overall pick by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After nine outstanding seasons in Tampa, he went on to play with the Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, and Las Vegas Raiders. During his youth, Gerald’s father and late mother Patricia Diane instilled in him a deep appreciation for giving back to the less fortunate, which grew during his time as a Spartan and Sooner, resulting in Gerald and his wife, Ebony, investing much time, talent and treasure to support a variety of organizations throughout his career.

Gregory McPherson II is the Foundation’s “Unsung Hero” honoree of this year’s class. He is a graduate of Capitol Hill High School and is the Founder of Vizionaries ENT, PoetryAndChill OKC and PoetryAndChill OKC Kids. This non-profit organization offers a platform for artists to showcase their talent, and promote new music, projects, books, and other ventures. Their literacy workshops help students improve their writing, reading and communication skills and provide a safe space for students to speak freely about their feelings and opinions in a judgment-free zone. From discussing real life events and issues, they break down poems and rap lyrics from popular artists and movies, ultimately providing a chance for individuals to think critically, gain knowledge and information, and grow within themselves. One of PoetryAndChill’s premier partnerships is with Oklahoma City Public Schools, where they recently engaged with more than 200 students as part of OKCPS’ Summer Learning Program. 

“From professional sports and healthcare to higher education and community wellness, our 2022 Wall of Fame honorees come to us from a number of industries and their stories show our community the legacy that OKCPS has created for our community. We know that our work now is building on that  legacy by creating opportunities for  all students to achieve their goals through education, ” said Foundation president and CEO Mary Mélon-Tully. “The years these leaders spent as OKCPS students served as an important building block to the incredible success they’ve seen in their respective fields. Their stories are sure to inspire today’s students to dream big.”

“As a graduate of Douglass High School and recent addition to the Wall of Fame, I know firsthand the impact that OKCPS teachers, coaches and administrators have on the children they serve each day,” said Dr. Marvin Williams. “I was honored to serve as the Co-Chair for this year’s celebration, along with AJ Griffin, as our city came together to recognize the accomplishments of these four outstanding OKCPS alumni who continue to find ways to reinvest in the community that helped to bring their dreams to life.”

The Wall of Fame celebrates the long, rich history of OKCPS, and its inductees include some of the city’s and nation’s most influential community leaders. 

Learn more about our 2022 Wall of Fame honorees

Dr. Karl Hansen
Dr. Kathryn Jeffery
Mr. Gerald McCoy
Mr. Gregory McPherson II

The 2022 Wall of Fame Humanitarian Awards were co-chaired by Marvin Williams, OU Health DO, FACOG, Professor, Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine; Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and AJ Griffin, Paycom Director of Government and Community Affairs.

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Through the Years: Wall of Fame Humanitarian Award Honorees

Bob Barry Sr., 2009 Wallace Johnson, 2004
Rick Bayless, 2008 Commissioner Willa Johnson, 2015
Skip Bayless, 2018 Marilyn Jones, 2006
Dr. William Lee Beasley and Sherry L. Beasley, 2017 Lou Kerr, 2001
John L. Belt, 2019 Eleanor Blake Kirkpatrick, 1990
Madeline Bentley, 2020 John Elson Kirkpatrick, 1990
G.T. Blankenship, 1999 Linda Lambert, 2004
Ronald E. Bogle, 2016 Mona Salyer Lambird, 1996
Dr. Legand L. Burge Jr., 2018 Dr. Neal Lane, 2019
Jo Carol Cameron, 2013 James Loftis, 2013
B.C. Clark, Jr., 1998 J. W. Mashburn, 2002
Dr. Benton C. Clark III, 2015 Dr. Pamela McCauley, 2019
Jim C. Clark, 2010 Aubrey McClendon, 2011
Richard H. Clements, 1997 The Honorable Vicki Miles-LaGrange, 2006
Andrew M. Coats, 1998 Bobby R. Murcer, 1994
Edward H. Cook, 2014 Dr. Nancy Nesbitt Nagel, 2020
Wayne Coyne, 2007 Donna Nigh, 1997
Admiral William J. Crowe Madalynne Norick, 1992
Edgar Cruz, 2004 Mayor James H. Norick, 1992
James R. Daniel, 2009 Mayor Ronald J. Norick, 1995
The Honorable Timothy D. DeGiusti, 2012 Faye Norton, 2018
Marion Briscoe DeVore, 1988 Paul B. Odom, Jr., 2004
L. Thomas Dulaney Jr., 2008 Russell M. Perry, 2000
Rand Elliot, 2011 W. DeVier Pierson 2019
Dr. Robert S. Ellis, 2000 Paula B. Pretlow, 2016
Ralph W. Ellison, 1994 Allie P. Reynolds, 1994
Harvey P. Everest, 1985 William J. Ross, 2005
David G. Fitzgerald, 2014 Derrick Scobey, 2020
Kris Frankfurt, 2007 Thom Shanker, 2012
William Frankfurt, 2007 Jeanne Hoffman Smith, 2000
Rodman Frates, 2006 Lee Allan Smith, 1989
Mex Rodman Frates, 1986 Horace Stevenson, 2014
Prentice Gautt, 2012 Lela Bennett Sullivan, 2003
Vince Gill, 2001 Kathy Taylor, 2015
Alan C. Greenberg, 1993 The Honorable Ralph G. Thompson, 2003
Rubye Hibler Hall, 2002 Erik Logan Toppenberg, 2011
V. Burns Hargis, 2002 Christopher C. Turner, 2003
Edith Gaylor Harper, 1999 Helen Ford Wallace, 2005
Joyce Henderson, 2012 Larkin Warner, 2011
Dannie Bea Hightower, 2001 Anthony L. Watson, 2010
Carolyn Hill, 2008 Pete White, 2017
Sarah Hogan, 1999 Thurman V. White Jr., 2017
J. Clifford Hudson, 2009 A. Max Weitzenhoffer, Jr., 2010
Kirk Humphreys, 2007 Mason Williams, 2016
Wanda Jackson, 2013 Stanton L. Young, 1991
A. Jaye Johnson, 2013

2021 Honorees – Judge Robert Bacharach, Anna King, Hal Smith and Dr. Marvin Williams