All Hands Raised

All Hands Raised

What does it mean for Oklahoma City’s schools to be “our schools”?

It means working together to ensure hope and opportunity for the thousands of students in Oklahoma City Public Schools. It means sending a message to these students that their city has their back. It means collectively raising our hands to provide support and care for some of the most vulnerable citizens of our city.

All Hands Raised

Typically, All Hands Raised is a fundraising luncheon featuring a first-hand opportunity to hear from inspirational students, remarkable educators and district leaders. However, due to COVID-19 concerns, the event has been aired on Facebook Live! All Hands Raised: Virtual provides the opportunity to educate the community about the current work and long-term goals of the Foundation.

This annual event allows our community to rally for our students to ensure we can provide the powerful programs and life-changing initiatives needed to build lasting change. Our schools can’t do it alone, and we at Oklahoma City Public Schools Foundation are committed to our focused work to supporting these outstanding students.

Hundreds tuned in this year to our Virtual All Hands Raised event, and we’re confident the same will happen again. We appreciate your generosity during these uncertain times, as our schools need your support now more than ever.

There’s plenty of time to show your support for Oklahoma City Public Schools’ students. Reach out to Abbie Vaughan at (405) 604-5977 or today and let her know how you’d like to offer your support through All Hands Raised.

Check out the fun we had during All Hands Raised 2021

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