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CHAMPION PARTNER $100,000-149,999

We support efforts to recruit & retain urban-ready, top quality teachers.

 Our team supports in the development and use of resources that create lasting and measurable outcomes for the district through community partnerships.

  • Teacher Pipeline
  • Urban Teacher

We provide innovative classroom & teacher support.

Our team supports in the development and use of resources that create lasting and measurable outcomes for the district through community partnerships.

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  • Partners In Action: Kit-A-Kid

Foundation Partner Levels

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Through the Years: Wall of Fame Humanitarian Award Honorees

Bob Barry Sr., 2009 Wallace Johnson, 2004
Rick Bayless, 2008 Commissioner Willa Johnson, 2015
Skip Bayless, 2018 Marilyn Jones, 2006
Dr. William Lee Beasley and Sherry L. Beasley, 2017 Lou Kerr, 2001
John L. Belt, 2019 Eleanor Blake Kirkpatrick, 1990
Madeline Bentley, 2020 John Elson Kirkpatrick, 1990
G.T. Blankenship, 1999 Linda Lambert, 2004
Ronald E. Bogle, 2016 Mona Salyer Lambird, 1996
Dr. Legand L. Burge Jr., 2018 Dr. Neal Lane, 2019
Jo Carol Cameron, 2013 James Loftis, 2013
B.C. Clark, Jr., 1998 J. W. Mashburn, 2002
Dr. Benton C. Clark III, 2015 Dr. Pamela McCauley, 2019
Jim C. Clark, 2010 Aubrey McClendon, 2011
Richard H. Clements, 1997 The Honorable Vicki Miles-LaGrange, 2006
Andrew M. Coats, 1998 Bobby R. Murcer, 1994
Edward H. Cook, 2014 Dr. Nancy Nesbitt Nagel, 2020
Wayne Coyne, 2007 Donna Nigh, 1997
Admiral William J. Crowe Madalynne Norick, 1992
Edgar Cruz, 2004 Mayor James H. Norick, 1992
James R. Daniel, 2009 Mayor Ronald J. Norick, 1995
The Honorable Timothy D. DeGiusti, 2012 Faye Norton, 2018
Marion Briscoe DeVore, 1988 Paul B. Odom, Jr., 2004/td>
L. Thomas Dulaney Jr., 2008 Russell M. Perry, 2000
Rand Elliot, 2011 W. DeVier Pierson 2019
Dr. Robert S. Ellis, 2000 Paula B. Pretlow, 2016
Ralph W. Ellison, 1994 Allie P. Reynolds, 1994
Harvey P. Everest, 1985 William J. Ross, 2005
David G. Fitzgerald, 2014 Derrick Scobey, 2020
Kris Frankfurt, 2007</ Thom Shanker, 2012
William Frankfurt, 2007 Jeanne Hoffman Smith, 2000
Rodman Frates, 2006 Lee Allan Smith, 1989
Mex Rodman Frates, 1986 Horace Stevenson, 2014
Prentice Gautt, 2012 Lela Bennett Sullivan, 2003
Vince Gill, 2001 Kathy Taylor, 2015
Alan C. Greenberg, 1993 The Honorable Ralph G. Thompson, 2003
Rubye Hibler Hall, 2002 Erik Logan Toppenberg, 2011
V. Burns Hargis, 2002 Christopher C. Turner, 2003
Edith Gaylor Harper, 1999 Helen Ford Wallace, 2005
Joyce Henderson, 2012 Larkin Warner, 2011
Dannie Bea Hightower, 2001 Anthony L. Watson, 2010
Carolyn Hill, 2008 Pete White, 2017
Sarah Hogan, 1999 Thurman V. White Jr., 2017
J. Clifford Hudson, 2009 A. Max Weitzenhoffer, Jr., 2010
Kirk Humphreys, 2007 Mason Williams, 2016
Wanda Jackson, 2013 Stanton L. Young, 1991
A. Jaye Johnson, 2013

2023 Stars of Education Announced